7. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness

The Mystical Traveler Consciousness is the name given to a spiritual consciousness that exists throughout all levels of God’s creation. It resides within each person and is a guide into the higher levels of Spirit, the greater reality of God. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness is freedom, expresses freedom, and gives freedom. Because it is free, it defies definition, but we can say that its nature is love, joy, and upliftment. We call this consciousness “the Mystical Traveler,” but it doesn’t have to be called that. It was given a term so that it could be referred to in speaking and writing.

Sometimes the presence of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness can be relatively obvious. You may see a purple light (the Traveler Consciousness often comes in on purple so it can be seen), you may sense the Mystical Traveler’s presence with you, you may ask for it during a time of stress and worry and suddenly be flooded with peace and calm. The Mystical Traveler’s presence may also be very, very subtle, and you will only realize by looking back over the previous six months or a year that things have shifted for you inwardly and that you have a greater sense of balance, perhaps, or a more loving, accepting, or compassionate approach to yourself and others.

Anchoring the Mystical Traveler Consciousness

There has always been someone on the planet who holds, or “anchors,” the energy of the Mystical Traveler here so that all can partake of it. It is almost a mechanical action, and because someone holds the energy, the energy is available to all. As an analogy, apples on a tree are available for all who come by, because the apple tree is there.

After a kidney operation in December 1963, while unconscious for a number of days, John-Roger started anchoring the Mystical Traveler Consciousness on the planet. In December 1988, John Morton started being more active in anchoring the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. Both John Morton and John-Roger work spiritually with students in MSIA.

“I am not a guru, so you can’t have a student relationship with me. I am a way-shower. I point the way towards the Soul realm. You travel that path yourself; I do not do it for you. The relationship is not of this physical level. I do not enter into your physical life or tell you what to do or what not to do; that’s for you to decide. I am there to point a way if you need to have a spiritual reference point. I am there to guide and assist you in developing a relationship with your inner self and with the Light and the Sound Current. Then, if you choose, you can use these to become more aware of God.”
                                                                                           – John-Roger

How the Mystical Traveler Consciousness Works

To get an idea of how the Mystical Traveler Consciousness works with people, you could think of climbing a mountain, such as Mount Everest. If reaching the top of it were your goal, you would probably want to climb with the assistance, suggestions, encouragement, and guidance of someone who has already climbed it and knows the way. The Traveler Consciousness knows the way “up the mountain” to the Soul realm and above, and it can guide and assist you spiritually. Still, though, the climb is always yours. You are the one who does it, and when you have given over to the Traveler Consciousness to guide you to the heart of God, you have given over to your own-spiritual heart, because the Traveler is within you, as it is within each person.

The Traveler can assist you in clearing karma, and its work is done inwardly, on the spiritual levels. People who are working directly with the consciousness of the Mystical Traveler have the opportunity of breaking free of the cycle of incarnation this lifetime, to become established on the Soul realm, to walk in freedom while they are here, and upon their physical death, to lift in consciousness to the high realms of pure Spirit. This is the promise the Mystical Traveler extends. Part of the Traveler’s job is to help the students fulfill their karma and teach them to walk free of accruing additional karma.

It’s Not Separate From You

It is important that you understand this: the Mystical Traveler Consciousness is not something separate from you. It is a consciousness that is present within each person on all the levels of consciousness, and each person’s inner journey is an awakening to the Mystical Traveler on all the levels, up into the very heart of God, the centre of living love.