6. Soul Awareness Discourses

Soul Awareness Discourses are a course in Soul Transcendence. Discourses are a focal point of spiritual attunement and provide practical techniques for contacting the Spirit and aligning with the power of the Soul.

To study Soul Transcendence in MSIA, a person subscribes to Soul Awareness Discourses. A set of Discourses consists of 12 booklets—one to study and contemplate each month of the year. There are 12 years of Discourses (144 discourses in total). As you read each Discourse, you can activate an awareness of your Divine essence and deepen your relationship with God.


The Value of Discourses

1. Valuable Information

In addition to being a focal point for spiritual attunement and practice, discourses have a lot of valuable information offering practical keys to a more peaceful, loving and successful life in the world. They address issues that are common to all of us—relationships, emotions, health, spirituality, and more. Because of their unique approach, you may find new, more effective ways to deal with life’s daily concerns.

2. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness

Even more important than offering a lot of terrific information, discourses are a point of attunement with the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness is the name given to a spiritual consciousness that exists throughout all levels of God’s creation. It resides within each person and is a guide into the higher levels of Spirit, the greater reality of God.

When you read your discourse, the Mystical Traveler Consciousness can work directly with you in an intimate way as an inner master or spiritual teacher, guiding and assisting you in clearing karma and awakening spiritually.

3. Path Toward Initiation

Studying on discourses for a minimum of two years is a prerequisite to initiation. Students in MSIA can be initiated into the Sound Current. The Sound Current is the audible stream of energy that comes from the heart of God. It is the basis of all life, it is referenced throughout a variety of spiritual teachings and is often called “the word” in the Bible. It is the spiritual energy on which a person returns to the heart of God.

4. Access to a Range of Spiritual Educational Resources

Discourses form the foundation of spiritual study in MSIA and the practice of Soul Transcendence. While a student is studying discourses they have access to a large range of in-depth teachings on Soul Transcendence.

Open to All

Spiritual in essence, Soul Awareness Discourses are not in conflict with any religious beliefs you might hold. In fact, most people find that Discourses support and amplify the experience of whatever path, philosophy, or religion (if any) they choose to follow. Simply put, Discourses are about eternal truths and wisdoms of the heart.