4. Soul Travel

Soul travel is the process of traveling in Spirit to realms of consciousness other than the physical realm. These are sometimes known as out-of-body experiences.

In Soul travel you bypass all the lower levels and go into the Soul body or Soul consciousness. In the Soul body, you have a clearer perception because you are in a clearer state. You see directly, not through illusion. This is not astral travel. In astral travel, you project the astral body and travel in it, while in Soul travel, you are in consciousness. 

People Soul Travel Often

People Soul travel often; they just may not remember doing it, or they may not know that an experience they have had is actually Soul travel. You may be aware that you leave the body during spiritual exercises, right before you go to sleep, or at some other time. When you step out of the physical body into the Soul body, you may feel a tremendous pulling, and if you close your eyes, you may have the impression that the room is rushing away from you, getting smaller and smaller, or you may have the impression that you are getting larger and larger.

Many people will experience this as they start to drop off to sleep, and they may open their eyes and come back here physically. Or if they leave their eyes closed and flow with the experience, they may feel as if they are being sucked out of the body backwards or falling over backwards. It is an unusual feeling, until you get used to it, but it does not have to be a frightening one.

Soul Travel and Soul Transcendence

When you do spiritual exercises, you practice going in and out of the body. You practice traversing the spiritual realms beyond the physical level. Sometimes you do it unconsciously, and other times you do it with some degree of conscious awareness.

The Soul travels so much, and it is not crucial to Soul Transcendence to remember most of these travels. In fact, remembering them can even be a distraction from Soul Transcendence, because in the inner realms of a person’s consciousness, there are “worlds without end”. Knowing all about those inner worlds is not the intention. The intention is doing Soul Transcendence, which is moving above the lower levels, the levels within a person’s consciousness, into the Soul and even higher – into God.