3. The Sound Current

If we were doing yoga, this would be called sahaj yoga, the natural way. But we do more than just sit and be natural. We follow the Sound of God’s voice and the Light of His countenance. That is called shabda yoga: listening to God’s voice, or the Sound Current.

The Sound Current is the audible energy that flows from God through all realms. It is the spiritual energy on which a person returns to the heart of God.

You can have knowledge of the Light and back off from it, but once you have tasted or drunk of the waters of the audible life stream, the Sound Current, you can never live without that again. You have set your foot upon the path of returning into the Supreme God.

How do you hear the sound?

The best way is to draw your attention to one place so that you focus into the intention; then let the intention listen to the sound. The intention will listen, and it will hear. You hear it in the right ear or in the center. Usually you will hear it above the third eye area. If you hear it in the left ear, the negative forces may have you going. And if you hear it in the right ear or in the center, then you’re listening to the positive side of the sound.

Sometimes a good way to practice is to close the ears so that you cannot be distracted by outer sounds. Or you could get ear plugs. Once you catch the Sound you don’t chase after it because your mind will scatter it and then you won’t know what you are listening to.

So you naturally go back inside and hear God. And at that point, this world will change for you. You may not be as happy here, but you will be happier inside, and then you learn to bring it out.