2. Spiritual Exercises

In MSIA, one of the primary ways that we practice Soul Transcendence and learn to attune to God is through spiritual exercises (SEs).

Spiritual exercises are an active meditation technique of holding the mind steady and quieting the emotions by using a spiritual tone or vibration to connect to the energy that flows from God throughout all existence. Doing spiritual exercises can help you transcend illusions and limitation and move into the awareness of Soul.

The Purpose of Spiritual Exercises

When we use the term spiritual exercises, we mean very specifically chanting Hu, Ani Hu, or your initiatory tone.

“Hu” is Sanskrit and is an ancient name for God. When you chant, you can pronounce Hu like the word “hue” or say the sounds of the individual letters H and U. Hu is the ultimate highest sound. “Ani-Hu” is a variation of the Hu chant. Pronounced “ahn-eye-hue,” it is also an invocation to God with an added dimension that brings in the quality of empathy and oneness with others.

With spiritual exercises, and Soul Transcendence, one’s focus is not on the lower chakras but on the top two chakras, specifically, the top part of the third eye and the crown chakra.

All spiritual exercises share the common purpose of lifting you into higher, more subtle, refined states of awareness and perception until you break through the illusions of this world into the consciousness of the Soul.

Audio (2:18): John-Roger

The time spent doing spiritual exercises is typically divided into periods of chanting and periods of listening. You are listening within for the Sound Current, which is very subtle. The Sound Current is the basis of all life. It is the audible stream of energy that comes from the heart of God.