1. What is Soul Transcendence?

Everyone has within themselves the potential of total awareness, of self realization, of God-consciousness. Everyone has within themselves the potential of Soul Transcendence.

Beyond all the activities of this life, beyond successes and failures, beyond relationships, beyond acquisitions, there is the Soul. Soul Transcendence is the process of moving the consciousness beyond the psychic, material realms and into the Soul realm and beyond.

The immediate result of Soul Transcendence is to rise above situations and see them in perspective. At that point, you don’t have to solve anything. Your attitude shifts as you attune yourself to the Spirit within, and the “problem” dissolves. It’s called releasing karma. And it is also called living free.

Soul consciousness is a positive state of being. Once you are established in Soul consciousness, you need no longer be bound or influenced by the lower levels, you do not produce more karma in your life, so this lifetime may be your last one.

Audio (1:21): John-Roger