Guided Meditations of Soul Transcendence

Guided meditations are a great compliment and support to any ongoing meditation practice. Guided meditation can also be very useful if you are establishing the routine and habit of a meditation practice as they can help hold your focus and attention for a designated period of time.

We teach the meditation of soul transcendence as an ongoing meditation practice and also offer a range of guided meditations to compliment that technique. These guided meditations also provide great opportunities to explore a variety of meditation experiences within your consciousness.

Breathing Meditation (13:30)

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The focal or anchor point of your attention in this meditation is your breath. By focusing on your breath, you maintain an awareness of this physical level while you move into a state of deep relaxation and traverse inwardly. Watching your own breath provides a reference point for you. This meditation is only 13 minutes long so it’s very convenient and a great way to just let go and re-centre yourself anytime during the day.

Hu Chant & Breathing Meditation (28:23)

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The “Hu” tone or mantra is an ancient Sanskrit name for God. It is the ultimate highest sound and in the Hu Chant and Breathing Meditation you will be guided through a group chant of this ancient sound. When chanting gather your attention up into the third eye – between the physical eyes, about two inches straight back. This is a very deep and relaxing guided meditation – providing you with a direct experience of the Hu.

Inner Journey Through Spirit Realms (29:29)

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In this insightful and powerful guided meditation you will be introduced to the realms of spirit. You will be guided as you travel in your Soul body through the different realms of spirit into the Soul realm and above. For more detailed information about the Realms of Spirit click here.