How to Meditate

Meditation is used for a variety of purposes from calming and healing physical, emotional, and mental stress to experiencing higher levels of consciousness and achieving self-realisation.

The Meditation for Soul Transcendence

The meditation technique that we teach is an ancient technique which has a high spiritual focus and purpose. The technique comes from a very long tradition of spiritual teachings.

It is a meditation technique of holding the mind steady and quieting the emotions by using a spiritual mantra or tone to connect to the energy that flows from God throughout all existence.

The Purpose

This meditation technique has the purpose of lifting you into higher, more subtle, refined states of awareness and perception until you break through the illusions of this world into the consciousness of the Soul.

You can experience this simple and powerful meditation technique today by doing the following simple and short 30 minute course. And it’s free!

An Introduction to the
Meditation for Soul Transcendence

This free short 30 minute course covers some of the important fundamentals of meditation, teaches the meditation technique of Soul Transcendence in 5 simple steps and includes a guided meditation of the technique.

Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced meditator this course is a great opportunity to learn and explore a deeper spiritual connection through meditation and in your daily life.

You will learn…

  • how to prepare for meditation
  • where to focus your attention
  • how to effectively use intention in your meditation
  • an important ancient Sanskrit mantra
  • the 5 simple steps of the meditation technique

Course includes: written content, short audio, short video and a guided meditation

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