How to Prepare for Meditation

Here are six simple ways to prepare for any mediation. By taking the following steps you will put yourself in the best position to have a focused and uplifting meditation experience.

1. Prepare Your Environment

As you move into meditation, create an environment that will enhance your meditation. It is nice to sit in a room that is comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold if you can arrange this.

You will need a time and space where you will not be disturbed. You might hang a “please do not disturb” sign on your door – this way people can cooperate with you. Put your phone on aeroplane mode.

2. Take Care of Your Body

If you’re thirsty, drink some water. If your stomach is growling, get a little something to eat. Go to the bathroom if you feel you need to. Have a blanket available if you need one. If you have a tendency to get thirsty, put some water in a glass nearby. In other words, anticipate any possible physical distractions to your meditation and take care of them before you start.

3. Sit in a Comfortable Position

Sit upright if possible. Find a comfortable chair – but not too comfortable that you fall asleep. Wear comfortable clothing that won’t make you fidget. One of the best positions for doing meditation is where you will not go to sleep and where you can be very free from any kind of physical irritation.

4. Exercise a Little and Relax

Before you sit down, take a few minutes to stretch and breathe deeply. This can help release tension from the body, mind and emotions. Then sit quietly for a few minutes and let your body relax. As you relax, notice energy flowing freely through your body.

5. Handle Distractions

Make it a point to let nothing that happens in the physical environment disturb you. You can do this by simply telling yourself that any noise you hear will help you relax more deeply and lift higher in your consciousness.

6. Choose an Uplifting Meditation Technique

There are a lot of different meditation techniques. All with different purposes including: healing and improving physical health, calming the emotions and relieving anxiety, reducing mental stress, and some are focused on experiencing higher levels of consciousness and achieving self-realization.

When choosing a meditation technique to use on a regular basis as part of your own meditation practice it is important to choose one that resonates with you and that is uplifting.

The Meditation of Soul Transcendence

The meditation of soul transcendence is an ancient technique with a high spiritual focus. It’s purpose is to lift your awareness beyond your body, mind and emotions and into the awareness of your true self.

You can learn this technique online in 5 simple steps. Learn Now.