If you are studying Soul Awareness Discourses, you can ask to be initiated into the Sound Current. The Sound Current is the audible stream of energy that comes from the heart of God. It is the basis of all life and is referenced in a variety of spiritual teachings throughout history. It is the often called “the word” in the Bible.

Sound Current Initiations

There are thirty-three Sound Current initiations. The first is the physical, which takes place when a person is born here on the planet. The second is the astral initiation and deals with the imagination. The next initiation is the causal, dealing with the emotions. Then can come these successive initiations: mental (dealing with the mind), etheric (dealing with the unconscious), and Soul (which is who you truly are).

An initiation to one of the major realms, described above, is called a Sound Current initiation. The person is given the name of God on that realm to chant inwardly. These initiation names or tones, are charged with spiritual energy for each person individually.

There are also twenty-seven levels of initiation above the Soul realm.

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Studying Toward Initiation

Initiation is not for everyone and not every person studying Discourses becomes an initiate. Before being initiated a person needs to have studied the Soul Awareness Discourses for at least two years.

Audio (2:20): About Initiation – John-Roger