Meditation for Soul Transcendence Course

This program is for people who are looking to learn a meditation practice that has a high spiritual focus. It is designed for both beginners and for existing meditators who are looking for a deeper spiritual connection in their meditation and daily life.

In this program we give you an in-depth experience of an ancient meditation technique which has a high spiritual focus and purpose. The technique comes from a very long tradition of spiritual teachings.

You will learn…

The Fundamentals of Meditation:

  • how to prepare for meditation
  • how to establish the discipline and routine of an ongoing meditation practice
  • where to focus your attention
  • how to overcome the mind and its distractions
  • be introduced to an important ancient Sanskrit mantra

Advanced Meditation Techniques:

  • heighten the spiritual quality of your meditation
  • learn an ancient and powerful meditation technique
  • learn techniques on how to open your third eye
  • learn how to see and hear spiritually
  • learn about the dynamics of soul travel and techniques that can facilitate a greater awareness of out of body experiences

About the Course

This is a self-study program designed to do at your own pace. It is divided into 5 sessions which will each take between 30-45mins to complete including the guided meditation for the session.

The program is packed with insightful and valuable information, experiences and lessons to significantly enhance and elevate any new or existing meditation practice and to integrate a more aware, balanced, peaceful and spirit filled daily life.

The Online Course Includes…

  • 5 x 30-45mins sessions
  • 17 lessons
  • a meditation journal
  • 4 short audios
  • 4 short videos
  • 3 guided meditations
  • valuable tips
  • effective techniques
  • experienced guidance

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