Course Summary & Next Steps

Congratulations! You’ve completed the course. Well done!

We have covered a lot in this course, addressing the different aspects to meditation and we have given you some valuable and practical tools and techniques to use in your own practice. And also some ideas on how you can approach your spiritual journey.

The purpose of this course, and of the practice of Soul Transcendence, is to assist you in experiencing a greater awareness of that part of yourself that is greater than your body, your mind and your emotions – who you truly are, your Soul.

It is important to take time out for yourself each day to focus into your own spiritual awareness, drop away from the physical concerns of the day and, once again, become aware that you are spiritual, that you are divine, that you are – through the Soul – an extension of God. They are important times in your movement of spiritual inner awareness and in your awakening into the higher Light.

Your Journey

We encourage you to continue to actively engage, and keep choosing into, your own spiritual journey. Life is an experience. Continue to check things out – if something works for you do it more and if it doesn’t work for you move on to something that does. How will you know whether something works for you? There will be love. And there will be upliftment. There are over 6 billion ways to know God. Everyone’s path is their own. Be patient with your own and respect the path of others. And know that not one soul will be lost.

The Practice of Soul Transcendence

There are two primary practices of Soul Transcendence:

  • Meditation – the meditation technique you have been learning in this course – Spiritual Exercises
  • Discourses – a course of study called Soul Awareness Discourses.

If you enjoyed this course and would like to further explore the teachings of Soul Transcendence, you may be interested in Soul Awareness Discourses. A set of Discourses consists of 12 booklets—one to read and contemplate each month of the year. Discourses serve as a valuable support for your meditation practice and are a way for you to stay connected with your intention of spiritual awakening.

You Are Free

Always come back to your own reality, no one should tell you your own reality. They can point to where it might be found, as someone can point to where the bathroom is, but nobody should tell you what to do when you get there because that is your business, same thing holds for Soul Transcendence. We tell you how to go inside, and when you get there it’s your business. You are free.

Next Steps

  • Continue to practice and explore the meditation technique of Spiritual Exercises.
  • Continue to use the guided meditations.
  • Practice the meditation tools you have learned in the course.
  • Create a regular ongoing meditation practice. Set yourself a goal to meditate for 30 days.
  • Sign up for Soul Awareness Discourses as a monthly support to keep you engaged in your meditation practice and spiritual path.
  • Tell your friends.  If you got value from this course share it with people who may get value from it. You can simply send them this link:

What is MSIA?

The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) is a non for profit organisation that has the purpose of teaching Soul Transcendence.

MSIA provides a variety of tools and techniques that allow you to experience your Soul and, therefore, your own Divinity. Our primary approach is that each person needs to validate, by their own experience, the reality of these teachings. So, we do not deal in a strong belief structure; rather, we encourage you to check the teachings out through your own experience, and allow that process to bring you into greater awareness and enlightenment.

Course Resources

For your convenience we have created one page that has all of the following resources from the course:

  • All the guided meditations
  • A summary of the 5 Steps of Spiritual Exercises
  • A summary of the main meditation tools
  • A link to The 5 Tips for Establishing a Regular Meditation Practice
  • A link to Soul Awareness Discourses – the next step with MSIA and practising Soul Transcendence.

Click here for the course resource page.

Our Gift to You

And finally, we have a couple of gifts we would like to give you!

The Luxor Meditation

This meditation was recorded in the outdoor courtyard at the ancient Luxor Temple in Egypt. It is designed to awaken and expand your awareness of the spiritual dimensions inside you. Join John-Roger and 150 peace pilgrims as they chant the HU tone. Allow the sacred vibrations to resonate, creating balance, healing, and peace.

This meditation can be done seated or lying down, or your prefered meditation posture, or you can do this as a standing and moving meditation. For example standing with your eyes closed and allowing your body to slowly and freely move and stretch as you chant and follow the meditation. Experiment with what works for you.

Luxor Meditation (24:06)

Click here to download

Thanks for participating in the course and we look forward to sharing your journey with you.

Travel gently.