Soul Travel

In this session we will introduce you to the process of Soul travel or out of body experience. We will provide a specific technique that can facilitate soul travel during your own meditation and we give you a guided meditation that specifically guides you through the process of soul travel.

The lessons in this session are:

  1. What is Soul Travel?
  2. A Technique for Soul Travel
  3. Soul Transcendence
  4. The Realms of Spirit – Part 2
  5. Meditation Practice



Lesson 1: What Is Soul Travel?

Soul travel is the process of traveling in Spirit to realms of consciousness other than the physical realm. These are sometimes known as out-of-body experiences.

In Soul travel you bypass all the lower levels and go into the Soul body or Soul consciousness. In the Soul body, you have a clearer perception because you are in a clearer state. You see directly, not through illusion. This is not astral travel. In astral travel, you project the astral body and travel in it, while in Soul travel, you are in consciousness.

People Soul Travel Often

People Soul travel often; they just may not remember doing it, or they may not know that an experience they have had is actually Soul travel. You may be aware that you leave the body during spiritual exercises, right before you go to sleep, or at some other time. When you step out of the physical body into the Soul body, you may feel a tremendous pulling, and if you close your eyes, you may have the impression that the room is rushing away from you, getting smaller and smaller, or you may have the impression that you are getting larger and larger.

Many people will experience this as they start to drop off to sleep, and they may open their eyes and come back here physically. Or if they leave their eyes closed and flow with the experience, they may feel as if they are being sucked out of the body backwards or falling over backwards. It is an unusual feeling, until you get used to it, but it does not have to be a frightening one.



Lesson 2: Soul Transcendence

Your Soul is who you truly are; it is more than your body, your thoughts, or your feelings. It is the highest aspect of yourself, where you and God are one. The journey of your Soul is to return to an awareness of, and a oneness with, God. We call this path Soul Transcendence.

Soul Transcendence is a practice and process of moving the consciousness beyond the psychic, material realms and into the Soul realm and beyond.

Soul Travel and Soul Transcendence

Through Soul Transcendence you can move in the Soul body above the cause-and-effect fields. Once you are established in Soul consciousness, you need no longer be bound or influenced by the lower levels, you do not produce more karma in your life, so this lifetime may be your last one.

When you do spiritual exercises, you practice going in and out of the body. You practice traversing the spiritual realms beyond the physical level. Sometimes you do it unconsciously, and other times you do it with some degree of conscious awareness.

Audio (2:18): John-Roger

The Soul travels so much, and it is not crucial to Soul Transcendence to remember most of these travels. In fact, remembering them can even be a distraction from Soul Transcendence, because in the inner realms of a person’s consciousness, there are “worlds without end”. Knowing all about those inner worlds is not the intention. The intention is doing Soul Transcendence, which is moving above the lower levels, the levels within a person’s consciousness, into the Soul and even higher – into God.



Lesson 3: A Technique For Soul Travel

This is not the only technique for Soul Travel or for being more conscious of soul travel. There are other techniques and tools that we teach and the meditation practice of spiritual exercises is the main one. The following is a specific technique that you can experiment with during your meditation. And not all techniques work for everyone in the same way. It is all about exploring what works for you.

Audio (2:22): John-Roger

Transcription of the Audio

“We hear about a mantram that produces sound frequency. If you say it correctly you can manifest essence out of the air. The mantram doesn’t have to be said out loud, it can be said inwardly, you can repeat the word inwardly.”

“But as you say this word enough – and listen carefully because this is a key to soul travel – you chant the word and then you take a spot in the room and you anchor your consciousness on that spot. It might be the heat vent in the back there, and you just close your eyes and you start chanting the word until you feel it flow through your body and then you take and put the word out there. You take it and project it in your consciousness. Sometimes I’ll see the word written out on the wall to project to it. Then I just take my consciousness like an inchworm and on this line I just start moving it out there as I move into that word. And sometimes I will take the word – I will just put a line up there and take the word and start moving it away from me and my consciousness has become part of that word and it will be out.”

“If you want to you can connect it to a star or a planet. And you can sit there and intone the sound this way and step out in a consciousness. It’s an unusual feeling. Very unusual. This is almost like a form of astral travel but it’s a consciousness because your astral body is intact and the Soul is intact but your consciousness has moved.”



Lesson 4: The Realms Of Spirit – Part 2

You exist on many levels of consciousness at the same time. It can take a while to know this for yourself, and you will truly know through your experience. That experience can come through an intuitive flash, for example, but for most people it comes with continuous practice.

The following information is not something for you to memorize and learn only mentally but as background information that you can have in case you run across these things in your own “inner travels.” It can also give you an inkling of how large and expansive your consciousness is. You can know these realms through your direct experience, at which point the information moves out of the theoretical area and becomes experiential.

Video (3:11): The Realms of Spirit – John Roger

The Physical Realm

From the Soul’s point of view, the most important things about being on the physical level are that (1) the Soul is gaining experience here, and (2) this level is a “springboard” into the Soul realm. It is only from the physical level that the Soul can move directly into the Soul realm and above. From any other lower realm – astral, causal, etc. – the Soul moves up level by level.

The Astral Realm

Above the physical realm is another world, the astral realm, which relates to the imagination and which is invisible in terms of the material world. The word imagination comes from the words “image in”, and to imagine to take a thought or idea, put it in a form, and put it inside. Each of us, when we close our eyes, automatically goes into the astral level.

The Causal Realm

Above the astral realm is the causal realm, which refers to the emotions. We often call the emotions the feelings, but emotions are really a contraction of these words: energy in motion. So when we are having emotions inside of us, we are actually having energy moving through us, or we are having energy blocked so that it has a very difficult time moving through us.

The Mental Realm

Above the causal realm is the mental realm. Sometimes we refer to this as the mind area. (It is not the brain; the brain routes information, and the mind is outside the brain). Another word to describe the mental realm is intellect. This is what we get out here in the world from books, teachers, and so on. We put it in, memorise it, and put it back out. The Soul, in contrast, is intelligence. It just knows.

The Etheric Realm

The realm above the mental is called the etheric realm, and it parallels the unconscious. The whole etheric realm is dark and there is little or no awareness of it. In fact, there is a void at the top of it, through which we have to pass in order to get into the Soul realm. This void relates to our unconscious.

The Soul Realm

Above the etheric realm is the Soul realm, the first of the positive realms of Spirit. In the Soul realm you are in pure Spirit, and there is no karma to work out. Through the practice of Soul Transcendence we reach into Soul and then come back down through the lower levels while still in Soul consciousness. That way, when you work off karma, you work it off from a pure state. The Soul protects the consciousness. The Soul is involved within each realm so that you do not accrue more karma, but you are still able to do the work.

Soul Transcendence

Soul transcendence is the process of moving the consciousness beyond the physical, the astral, the casual, the mental, the etheric, into the Soul and above.

The Sound Current

The Sound Current is the audible energy that flows from God through all realms. It is the spiritual energy on which a person returns to the heart of God. We follow the Sound of God’s voice and the Light of God’s countenance. That is called shabda yoga: listening to God’s voice, or the Sound Current.



Lesson 5: Meditation Practice

In this, the last meditation session of the course, we have two meditations for you to complete. You don’t have to do them both in the same session – you may do one now and the other at a later time or date – whatever works for you.

The first is the continuation of your meditation practice with the Guided Spiritual Exercises Meditation. The second is a guided meditation for you that specifically relates to the topic of this session – soul travel. It is a beautiful and powerful meditation that brings together all the teachings that we have presented in the course and acts as an impromtu course finale. So enjoy!

Guided Meditation for Spiritual Exercises

In this meditation we would like to encourage you to experiment with the technique for soul travel we taught earlier in lesson 3 of this session. Once you have begun your meditation, with your eyes still closed you can try the technique.

Summary of the Key Meditation Teachings

Here is a summary of the keys teachings we have covered in the course that you can use to help guide you during this meditation. You don’t need to try and remember all of these during your meditation. One way to approach it is to simply set some of them as your intentions before you begin the meditation. Then when you begin the meditation you can simply relax, let go and be present. And always remember that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do spiritual exercises.

  1. Set your intention for the meditation
  2. Practice opening your Spiritual eyes – Before or during your meditation say to yourself “I am opening my spiritual eyes.
  3. Listen for the Sound Current – Pay attention when you are listening and be open to observe and hear any inner sounds that are present.
  4. The Inner Master – Be open to the presence and awareness of the Inner Master. It may show up as a purple light (some see it as a deep shade of blue), a cross or a star, a bursting light, or the shape of a globe or globule. And it also may not be visual, it may be an inner sense or knowing.
  5. Technique for Soul Travel – If you want, experiment with the technique we taught for Soul travel.
  6. Keep a Journal – When you complete the your meditation write about your experience.

Guided Meditation for Spiritual Exercises (23:32)

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Additional Meditation

In this guided meditation you will be introduced to the realms of Spirit. You will be guided as you travel in your Soul body through the different realms of Spirit into the Soul realm and above.

Inner Journey Through Spirit Realms (29:29)

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