The Sound Current

In this session we will introduce you to the sound current. We explore the process of hearing spiritually and what to listen for during your inner meditation.

The lessons in this session are:

  1. What is the Sound Current?
  2. The Realms of Spirit – Part 1
  3. Hearing Spiritually
  4. Meditation Practice



Lesson 1: What Is The Sound Current?

If we were doing yoga, this could be called sahaj yoga, the natural way. But we do more than just sit and be natural. We follow the Sound of God’s voice and the Light of God’s countenance. That is called shabda yoga: listening to God’s voice, or the Sound Current.

The Sound Current is the audible energy that flows from God through all realms. It is the spiritual energy on which a person returns to the heart of God. It has been referred to by different names in numerous spiritual practices throughout history. The Sound Current is the basis of all life and is often called “the Word” in the Bible.

You can have knowledge of the Light and back off from it, but once you have drunk of the waters of the audible life stream, the Sound Current, you can never live without that again. You have set your foot upon the path of returning into the Supreme God.

Audio (3:42): John-Roger



Lesson 2: The Realms Of Spirit – Part 1

There are various realms within creation: the physical, the astral (imagination), the causal (emotions), mental, etheric (unconscious), and the Soul realm and above.

The Sound Current manifests as a different sound on each of these realms. The following are some references for the sounds you may hear inwardly on each level. This is simply to help you identify the realm on which you maybe traveling in meditation.

Physical Realm – Thunder/Heartbeat

When we are quiet here on the physical level and we are perceiving through our higher senses, the Sound sometimes sounds like thunder. It’s not like a tremendous type of thunder, but it seems to be more of a steady sound. You might refer to it as a roar, something that just continues on. Some people sense it as unpleasant. They’ll say, “It just feels unpleasant and I want to go higher.” And it’s nice to want that.

Astral Realm (Imagination) – Surf/Waves

When we are moving into the level just above the physical, the astral plane, the Sound that we’re dealing with is much like an ocean sound, like listening to a sea-shell held by your ear, like hearing the roaring of the surf. Sometimes you may feel this sound pulsating in a rhythmic pattern. So if you are in meditation or if you have been doing your spiritual exercises and have stopped to listen and you hear this sound of the ocean, it may mean that part of your levels of consciousness are out and are activated, and you are traveling the inner realms in what we call the astral level. This level carries quite a bit of imagination in it, so you may start seeing things like specks of light and funny designs.

Causal Realm (Emotions) – Tinkling Bells

The next level is called the causal realm. The sound that we hear there is like the tinkling of bells, much like the wind blowing through wind chimes. Have you ever seen the wind chimes or “mobiles” made from long slivers of glass? The sound made by those as the wind blows through, as some hit and some don’t, seems to come pretty close to the Sound Current on that level. It isn’t a distraction, where you think, “I wish that would stop, “ but it’s something that you find yourself listening to because it seems to start forming a rhythm.

Mental Realm (the Mind) – Running Water

The next level is called the mental level; this is where the mind is busy and active. The closest we get to describing the Sound on this level is to say it sounds like running water. But, water runs so many different ways. If you’re by a stream that’s running rapidly down a slope, that running sound would be comparatively loud. If you’re by a meandering brook, that would be another sound. The Sound of the mental realm could be all of those. The higher you get on that realm, the less noticeable the sound of the water becomes. It becomes more refined. It’s almost like listening to the sound of water running flat – and that doesn’t make too much sound.

Etheric Realm (the unconscious) – Buzzing Bee

At this particular point, you are moving into the next level which is more of the unconscious or the etheric and this will sound something like a fly or a mosquito or a bee by your ear – a buzzing sound. This one can be very subtle. To hear this you really have to listen because it will mingle so tremendously with all of your own senses that you find it very difficult to master. This sound is the last one you hear prior to breaking into Soul or pure Spirit.

It’s important that you listen to all of these levels, but it is not so important that you master all of these levels because you’re not going to stay there anyway. You’re going through those realms.

Soul Realm – Flute

As soon as you breakthrough the Magnetic or what we call the negative worlds or the lower worlds, you move into the pure realm which is the Soul Realm, and the Sound here is the Sound of a flute. It might sound like a reed flute or it could have the quality of a piccolo. But, when that tone starts through your levels of consciousness, you are actually eating of the manna that comes from Heaven. You’re actually eating of spiritual food. Once you hear this tone, you’ll never be able to forget where it is.

Above Soul

In the first realm above Soul, the Sound is wind, the most delicate, tantalizing sound of a wind that you can imagine. It may sound like a breeze blowing through trees.

When you go into the next level, you will hear a humming Sound, like the humming of all the angels of all existences. It’s not a loud or oppressive sound, and yet, you feel like it could just rip you apart. At this point you are moving into pure Spirit and dropping the identity of the Soul. Every process of individuality is being dropped and that Sound action then is moving you away from all individualized expression.

Then you’re moving up to that Sound that might be called “the thousand violins.” And this is the most heavenly music that you can hope to reach. Very few people have ever gone this high and resided back in the physical body. It’s most difficult. It makes this physical level extremely hard to live in, extremely hard.

Not too many people get up to this higher source that we call the Light and Sound. Some groups call it one name and other groups call it another name; we simply call it “pure Sound.” The Sound that we hear on this particular level is like woodwinds – clarinets, oboes, saxophones, and flutes. The music is so perfectly divine that most people, most entity forms that reach there want to stay. (In our explanation we’re doing this anthropomorphic type of thing where we’re giving human characteristics to non-human things because that’s the level that many of us will understand most easily).

Then, of course, we get up to what we call the level of the pure existence of God and the Sound there is the H-U or the HU.


When you learn to listen to these levels, it can be pretty helpful to you. You can listen to the Sound Current physically, but you don’t hear it with the physical ear. You hear it with the inner attunement. You don’t really hear it outwardly through the physical ear. You hear it through the inner ear (the third ear).



Lesson 3: Hearing Spiritually

How Do You Hear the Sound Current?

The best way is to draw your attention to one place so that you focus into the intention; then let the intention listen to the sound. The intention will listen, and it will hear. Usually you will hear it above the third eye area, or it could be in the right ear or in the center.  

Listen to these truths with the “third ear”, the unseen spiritual ear by which we listen inwardly; then you can hear so much and your consciousness can become so much greater.

Sometimes a good way to practice is to close the ears so that you cannot be distracted by outer sounds. Or you could get ear plugs.

Once you catch the Sound (if you can hear the bell sound, for example), you don’t chase after it because your mind will scatter it and then you won’t know what you are listening to.

As you get above that area and you start hearing, then you’re above your fate-karma, and you see it for what it is from the very beginning of dispensations to the very end of them. At that moment, you find out that you’re above it and it has no effect upon you even though you still may not have a leg. Or you still may not have an arm. Your attitude then is clear, and at that point the Sound keeps pulling you up.

So you naturally go back inside and hear God. And at that point, this world will change for you. You may not be as happy here, but you will be happier inside, and then you learn to bring it out.

The sound current is all around all the time. All we’re trying to do is consciously make contact with it so we can keep pulling it through more and more.

Video (3:02): Listening to the Sound Current – John Morton



Lesson 4: Meditation Practice

Once again we will be continuing to use the Guided Meditation for Spiritual Exercises. Repeatedly using this guided meditation will support you in developing a familiarity and rhythm with the meditation technique. It also gives you an opportunity to deepen your experience.

Here are some of the keys we have covered so far that you may want to bring to your practise for this meditation:

    1. Set your intention for the meditation.
    2. Practice opening your Spiritual eyes. Before or during your meditation say to yourself “I am opening my spiritual eyes”.
    3. Listen for the Sound Current. Pay attention when you are listening and be open to observe and hear any inner sounds that are present.
    4. Keep a Journal. When you complete your meditation write about your experience.

You can also refer to the summary of the 5 steps before you begin if you want to refresh yourself. See below.

Guided Meditation for Spiritual Exercises (23:32)

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A Summary of the 5 Steps of Spiritual Exercises:

  1. Call in the Light.
  2. Focus your attention into the third eye.
  3. Chant the HU.
  4. Listen within.
  5. Chanting and listening.

End of Session 3

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