What People Are Saying

Soul Transcendence is an amazing journey. It’s not about believing anything, its about experiencing the spirit inside of me. My initial experience was one of joy and then the more I participated the more blissful experiences I had. Now I simply go inside and chant and I am uplifted in light and loving.

Andrew Tax Accountant

These teachings have given me a doorway into an experience of love and joy that I never thought possible. Through my daily spiritual exercises (meditation) I very practically experience the greatest reality of who I am – as a Soul. And the joy and peace that I experience from this is beyond words.

Zoe Director of Communications

To me Soul Transcendence is about choosing moment to moment to raise my consciousness into unconditional loving regardless of any given situation. The teachings of soul transcendence have and continue to provide me with tools to see the best in myself and others, to manage negative emotions with loving and compassion, to forgive and to let go of the things which are painful and move my awareness back into the loving and peace which is always present. I am so deeply grateful every day of my life that these teachings are available.

Louise Artist

The teachings of Soul Transcendence constitute the roadmap I use to navigate my way in the world. While life leads me into diverse situations and interactions with others, the one constant is the knowledge that wherever I am, or whatever I am doing, my inner environment is what determines the quality of my experience. The essence of Soul Transcendence is love, and the only thing that is really asked of me is that I am loving in everything I do. As I learn, remember and apply this, my life becomes more and more simple, blessed and joyful.

Sumitra Writer, Editor, Instrutional Design Consultant

Soul Transcendence is about experiencing the elevated part of myself in such a way that I am more self-contented and able to live from a higher perspective when navigating my way through the world. Over the last 40 years I have acquired practical tools to understand myself, both the positive and negative aspects of my nature, and experience growth through self-observation.

Bob Chiropractor

I have been studying with MSIA for over 20 years, and all I can say is it is not like anything else in the world. I feel infinitely lucky (blessed) that I stumbled across it. On one hand I have learnt so many practical life lessons that have enabled me to overcome a lot of physical, psychological and mental challenges, and on the other hand it has connected me with a sacred spiritual frequency that has infused my life with a sense of greater meaning that brings me a great deal of peace, calm and sense of blessedness.

Tamsin Operations Manager