What To Expect

With the meditation technique we teach, you use a focal point through which to direct the energy of Spirit. As you work with this meditation technique, you may find that you are working with higher energies than usual. You may feel their intensity and their force in several ways.

1. Sensations

You may feel very warm as the spiritual energy comes in; it can increase circulation and cause the sensation of warmth. You may feel a tingling in your hands or feet or head, like small electrical charges. You may notice that your vision shifts or blurs. These techniques are designed to shift your attention into higher dimensions, so don’t be surprised by changes. Things come “back to normal” soon enough.

2. Inner Vision

While you are meditating, you may see colours either inwardly in the inner eye or outwardly. These may be the colours of your own aura being reflected to you. There’s nothing for you to do except recognise that this is happening.

3. Spatial Awareness

As you meditate, you may feel as though your body is changing shape or size. You might feel as though it has become huge, as though it fills the entire room. Or you might feel as though you’re getting smaller and smaller. These shifts indicate that your consciousness is moving within you, out of the confines of the body’s boundaries into greater freedom. Don’t let these sensations frighten you. They’re all steps in your progression into the higher realms of Spirit.

4. Clearing Negativity

As you bring spiritual frequencies into your body, this pure energy usually pushes out the negativity that you have held in your consciousness. So in the midst of meditation you may find yourself thinking ugly, destructive, angry words. Or you may feel your emotions well up inside of you and with them, great turmoil and distress. Or you may see disturbing images.

These are often thoughts, feelings or images that you have blocked or suppressed into the lower levels of your consciousness, and they can surface as you meditate. Don’t be concerned. Don’t try to make these things stop. Just let the words come up. Let the pictures come up. Cry if you want to. It’s your opportunity to clear yourself and move one step closer to your spiritual reality.

So if imbalances come up, you can just look at them, admit that they’re there, bless them, forgive yourself, and let them go.

5. Expectations

It also may seem as if nothing is happening for you in your meditation. It’s important to know that, so you don’t place expectations on yourself and then feel a sense of failure or disappointment. It may be that you are simply not able to recognise what is happening on the higher levels yet; it doesn’t mean there is nothing going on.

As you continue to practice this meditation technique you are attuning yourself to the higher realms, and building a bridge of awareness between these high places and the physical world.

The important part of all this is your intention to check the meditation technique out by practicing it to the best of your ability and tracking your experience. Then observe. Give yourself enough time to work with it. Be patient. Be devoted to your own upliftment and unfoldment.